I just hate waiting

My mom asked me to run some errands for her on Sunday, however she had surgery on Monday afternoon plus she was still feeling a little under the weather, however i did not mind helping my mom at all.

I went to the grocery store to get milk, bread, eggs, plus Starbucks Latte creamer.

I went to the laundromat to option up shirts plus comforters. I also went to the bank; My mom did not have a deposit slip to fill out, so I had to go inside of the bank branch to fill 1 out. It was raining outside however the Sun was shining plus it was a really humid day, however the temperature inside of the bank was hot plus sticky. I could tell that there was a concern with the cooling system. I was resting in line directly under 1 of the air vents plus I did not guess any cold air coming from the vent. The Tampa Bay Bank clearly had an issue with the cooling system. I tried to get in plus out of there as soon as possible, then of course the bank teller wanted to ask a million bizarre questions about my mom plus the deposit I was making into her account. I don’t understand why they would supply me a problem, who cares if I want to deposit $1,000 into an account that is not mine? It’s not as if I was trying to take money out of the account. I was sad by the time I left the uncomfortable Tampa Bay business. I grabbed some lunch for my mom plus I on the way, but I skipped the rest of the items on the list after dealing with the clerk at that bank.


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