I was not able to smoke marijuana

Inside the casinos, there were cigarette women walk around with their trays

One thing I had on my basket list was to go to Las Vegas, NV; Many of my friends went to Las Vegas, NV, at least once a year, although I never joined them… I had young kids at home, as well as being a single mother, the kids always came first. Now that I am older, as well as my children are out of the house, I am finding I have more time as well as money to do things for myself; This year I treated myself to a trip to Las Vegas, NV. I made a reservation at a single of the most popular hotels on the strip. It amazed me at all the yard signs they had along the strip. They had marijuana laws posted just prefer both of us post street signs. Mostly, what they read was no marijuana use in public, but no smoking, of any kind, in public. I saw people who were using vape patents as well as smelled the marijuana, but you couldn’t openly smoke a marijuana cigarette in Las Vegas, NV. Inside the casinos, there were cigarette women walk around with their trays. Instead of hearing them shouting cigars, cigarettes, etc., they were offering cigars, cigarettes, as well as saving accessories. I guess Las Vegas, NV, was a single of the coolest trips I had ever taken, but it was for more reasons than just because of the amazing amenities as well as the fun of gambling, but watching people make fools of themselves while using marijuana was just as much fun as seeing people you guess get drunk, while you are the only sober a single around them. I’m cheerful I went to Las Vegas, NE, but I’m not sure I would want to go.

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