I’m going to visit the New Mexico town square

As I appreciate my new life in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I look back to my years in MI before cannabis was legal.

There was a medical marijuana law in 2008, however before then I had a friend who was growing it indoors about 30 miles north of Ann Arbor.

Every year Ann Arbor would have its infamous Hash Bash that dates back to the 1970s. People gather in The Diag in downtown Ann Arbor in addition to smoke weed in full public display. The neighborhood famously implemented a $5 marijuana fantastic in 1971 when it decriminalized the plant. Now that fantastic is $25, however you can finally purchase marijuana recreationally. That makes a celebration care about Hash Bash even more exciting. You can walk from a dispensary downtown in addition to get to the celebration within hours. After moving to Albuquerque, I forgot about Hash Bash. New Mexico has had legal medical marijuana since 2007, however now the people I was with and I have recreational cannabis as well. My number one dispensary in Los Volcanes has a sale every week on weird products. He rotates through his inventory, something popular among all of the cannabis stores in Bernalillo County. You’d know that I’d know if my own neighborhood had a marijuana celebration every year, although I was genuinely ignorant of the New Mexico 420 Fest. It’s along Central Ave between 3rd St in addition to 7th St on March 20th every single year, in addition to this year is poised to be a blast. There will be food vendors of all kinds lined up in addition to down Central Ave, giving all stoners a bountiful selection of delicious munchies to satisfy their appetites.



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