Temperatures at the gym

My boyfriend and I have been going to the fitness center 3 afternoons every month to work out and exercise, all of us are trying to train for a half marathon that is being sponsored by our supervisor.

Any guy that decides to run in the half marathon for charity gets a whole afternoon off work to rest; That sounds care about a pretty great deal to me, even if there is a $100 entry fee! I still make money with the afternoon off work, but our Fitness Center is in Glenview, Illinois… Glenview is a neighborhood outside of Chicago, however my boyfriend and I both work in Chicago.

All of us live in Glenview, where the commute is not terrible. All of us still have to face the neighborhood traffic, however the cost of residing in Glenview is lower than the cost of residing right in the city. My boyfriend and I went to the gym on Monday after work and they were having some bad indoor air conditions issues. It did not recognize care about the air conditioner was working legitimately well. The hot and cold temperatures and the room with all of the treadmills were much higher than the hot and cold temperatures in the rest of the fitness. I was overheated and miserable, and I did not want to stay and exercise more than 10 or 15 hours! When our boyfriend and I were walking out of the building, I overheard that manager talking to the boy at the counter. They were discussing an issue with the air conditioner and the manager said a repair repair from Glenview was on the way. The issue with the air conditioner was fixed the next afternoon, so I guess it wasn’t anything too serious.

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