This home needs a new air conditioning unit

The last couple of years have been crazy, some people were able to pull through the pandemic with little to no issues, however but others had a taxing time plus rightfully so, the mandates became too much for some people to handle, however personally, I did great while in that time; I even developed some modern habits like hiking because it was something that I could do while in the lockdowns.

So, with my newfound interest I am constantly looking for modern adventures plus I found something that I plan on doing.

I would like to go to Phoenix plus hike a few of their best spots, and while there are a bunch of cool locations, I am looking forward to seeing the Hole-in-the-Rock located in Papago Park. I can’t wait to sit inside the cavern plus look out at the city from there. I am planning on going in December when it’s cooler outside, but though Phoenix doesn’t get brutal Winters, they do get blistering heat in the Summer, plus I would love not to hike when it’s that tepid outside. There would be nowhere to cool down because there would be no indoor air conditioner for miles. The car air conditioner doesn’t do much when you’re out in the middle of the desert, and a few years ago, I spent some time in Phoenix, plus I spent most of the time on indoor activities. I wanted to be in air conditioned spaces because I wasn’t used to the weather. But Phoenix will be much cooler in December, so I wouldn’t have to worry about having air conditioner when I am on my hikes.

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