Cannabis offers treatment for arthritis

I’ve had issues with arthritis for quite a few years.

Cold and wet weather aggravated my symptoms.

I’d deal with stiffness and pain in my fingers. I could usually get relief with natural remedies. I had some success from drinking dark cherry juice, eating gin-soaked yellow raisins and massaging Vicks vapor rub into my skin. A couple of years ago, the arthritis became much worse. My fingers swelled up like sausages. I had to cut the rings off my fingers. I had trouble typing on my laptop. Since my job is entirely handled byway of the computer, this was a huge concern. I also struggled to do ordinary tasks such as braiding my hair, buttoning shirts and opening jars. Anything that required precision control with my fingers or making a fist was nearly impossible. I was unwilling to take the risks of prescription medication. The long-term side-effects are not worth the benefits. A friend of mine suggested I try cannabis. I was immediately excited by this idea. Cannabis is a plant and a natural medicine without harmful consequences. Living in Denver, I had several dispensaries to choose from. I went online and checked out their web sites, products and customer reviews. They all sounded safe, friendly and wonderful, so I chose the one closest to my home. The budtenders were knowledgeable and extremely helpful. They explained the pros and cons of the different consumption methods and how to go about them. They recommended the cannabis strains that are higher in CBD content for the sake of alleviating pain and inflammation. I’ve chosen a combination of cannabis-infused topicals and vapes. Vaping cannabis oil provides quick onset of effects and full spectrum cannabinoids. There are a nearly endless array of strains, potency and terpenes to choose from. I apply the ointments directly to the skin for localized relief.


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