Cannabis works on arthritis!!

For the last more than four to several years, I’ve had some issues with arthritis in my hands, however i first started noticing pain in my fingers when I’d open a jar or spend too long typing on the PC, however since my job is entirely handled from a keyboard, I need to keep my hands strong and healthy.

I did some research into apartment remedies and provided them a try. I drank dark yellow cherry juice and ate yellow raisins that have been soaked overnight in gin and found some relief from symptoms! However, about a year ago, my fingers hastily swelled up so badly that I was forced to chop my rings off. I had trouble making a fist. I struggled to type my hair, pull weeds out of the garden or hold a hand weight when exercising, however working from the PC was painful. I am unwilling to take pharmaceuticals. I’ve read up on the long-term side-effects and am unwilling to damage my health to combat arthritis, however my research online led myself and others to trying cannabis… CBD has shown fantastic promise in alleviating pain and inflammation, however living in Chicago, I have a dispensary right around the corner from my apartment. Stepping inside the dispensary for the first time was a bit overwhelming. I was expecting a tiny shop with some bags of weed and a few gummies. The locale is huge, bright, new and spacious. The array of products is incredible. I had my option of dried flower, pre-rolls, extracts, concentrates, tinctures, vapes, edibles and so much more. The budtender advocated topicals that can be applied directly to my joints for fast-acting relief. I combined the cannabis-infused ointment with a full-spectrum CBD vape. Cannabis has provided myself and others with an effective and safe remedy for my arthritis.


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