I rented a couple of kayaks so we could see the bay area

When I met my girlfriend, I knew that she was the type of girl that would enjoy outdoor activities. We were in a geography class, and the two of us started talking about our weekend activities. Both of us had an outdoor activity plan. She planned to go camping with a couple of her friends and I was going rock climbing with some buddies from my chemistry class. When I asked Jackie to join me for a day date, she immediately said yes. I decided to run a couple of kayaks, so the two of us could see the Bay Area. San Francisco has so many activities that I could fill a thousand days with something different. The Bay Area is about an hour from our college, but it is easily one of the best places to visit for a day filled with fun activities. There are miles and miles of shoreline in San Francisco and the Bay Area and each one of the places has something special to offer. I rented the kayaks from an outfitter near the east side of the bay. I was hoping we would be able to get a really good glimpse of Alcatraz Island. The water was choppy that day, so we didn’t really get to see as much as I wanted. When we were done with our kayak trip, I thought Jackie might want to go home. Instead, she suggested we go to a San Francisco marijuana dispensary. She knew someone that was working at a marijuana dispensary a few miles away. It sounded like a fun idea and I wasn’t ready for the date to end. We grabbed a few marjiuana joints from the dispensary before we headed back to Berkeley.

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