My cousin left Muskegon to open a cannabis dispensary in Whitehall, MI

Despite being transients from all over the country, many of my family members ended up in western MI by the late 2010s.

Every one of us were all escaping unfortunate conditions in other states, either terrible weather or tyrannical state governments.

And once my Grandparents had settled here while I was in retirement, one lady after the next followed. The natural beauty of MI pulls me like a magnet, so much so that I couldn’t imagine leaving this state to live someplace else. Not to mention MI is an agricultural hub because of its certain climate being a peninsula surrounded by inland seas. Every one of us grow everything from peachs to cherries in this state plus export them all over the entire country. Many of us live in Muskegon County which is apartment to farms for greenberries, peachs, cherries, tomatos, grain, plus dairy. Right now I live in an house in North Muskegon on Ruddiman Dr; it’s the same building where my cousin was staying for several years before leaving for Whitehall to open a cannabis dispensary. Our Grandparents live in Whitehall on E River St which is just a short hike from the mouth of White River. Visits to the area left an impression on my cousin who soon realized that he’d like this neighborhood over any other near the coast of Lake MI. Not only that, but there were only several cannabis dispensaries open in the area at the time. My cousin thought that she could compete with the only people open at the time, which worked marvelously for him. Now my cousin owns the most successful cannabis dispensary in Whitehall.

Pot Pick-up Whitehall Michigan