Pre-rolls make smoking easy

While my favorite cannabis consumption method is smoking flower, I’m not skilled at rolling a joint.

I’ve watched tutorials on youtube, practiced and asked for assistance from friends and still can’t manage it.

My joints are either rolled too tight or too loose. They end up too thin or too thick and don’t provide a consistent burn. They tend to constantly go out and need to be relit repeatedly. They burn too quickly. My attempts result in a lot of mess and waste. I have finally reconciled myself to the fact that I need to stick with pre-rolls. Living in Chicago, I have my choice of several different recreational dispensaries. Each one offers different brands and strains of pre-rolls. They are available in singles as well as packs, and the varieties include infused and non-infused joints, blunts and even cannagars. Shopping the daily deals and specials makes my purchases especially affordable. I’ve joined the loyalty programs at all of the nearby dispensaries so that I get discounts and notifications when something new is available. Pre-rolls provide the experience of smoking good quality bud with none of the hassle. I strictly buy hand-rolled pre-rolls and choose top-shelf strains. I try to avoid those that are filled with shake. I want a consistent burn, a clean high and plenty of potency. The pre-rolls are always perfect, and they don’t require the availability of extra gear. As long as I have a lighter, I’m good to go. They are easy to take on-the-go, great for sharing for friends and perfect for kicking back and relaxing after a long day.


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