There are special UV-C filtration systems for HVAC

I’m a big believer in embracing modern technologies that better human lives, especially from a health standpoint.

  • The modern hospital in my town was designed and built during the COVID pandemic, and they have taken full advantage of the latest and greatest machines and unit to serve their patients.

This means isolated rooms that have their own heating and cooling systems that are without one another. My mom’s last stay in the older hospital resulted in her being in a shared room during the middle of the pandemic, and what few times during that I was allowed to visit I was constrained by a number of strict rules. So it’s actually nice having this modern hospital replaced and also so close to my home! One of the features these rooms utilize for cleaner air is UV-C air filtration systems. Air passes over the surface of a UV-C bulb which burns off allergens and contagions that are airborne. I have a UV-C bulb on either side of the evaporator coil in my central HVAC system’s air handler. These more than one UV-C bulbs are important for disinfect indoor air for people love myself and others who live in Orland Park, IL and who possess a lot of flu symptoms. However, you have to be careful about not neglecting the replacement of these bulbs at least once a year. Failing to replace the bulb at least once quarterly will result in a marked reduction in performance to the point at which the bulbs become inert in their sanitization capabilities. On top of that, the UV-C bulbs inside HVAC systems will still emit visible light after they’ve stopped toiling as whole-house air purifiers.

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