This is a great time in Toronto

Even before I moved to Toronto to attend the University of Toronto, I used to take trips into the town with our friends from Richmond Hill. While the drive to the town limits is fairly quick being just over 10 miles, the town traffic often made the drive toward downtown Toronto last longer once we were inside the town proper. Traffic on the long and winding ON-44 can get hectic at varying times of the day. This is particularly tplot at the junction point with the Ontario 401 Express exit. Back then I wasn’t even using cannabis yet because I wasn’t of legal age, despite the fact that I had friends who were older that would frequent the cannabis dispensaries in the town while I was in our trips. As I got older, I fell into using cannabis daily as a way to treat our ADHD and depression simultaneously. Now that I’m a student at the University of Toronto, I’m able to take the bus or subway from our condo in Baldwin Village and reach any of the 200 or so marijuana stores within the town limits. It’s also nice to use cannabis before visiting a number of amazing attractions in the city, especially the big CN Tower. I love going to Ripley’s Aquarium for Jazz Mondays at least once a month, because you can care about looking at all of the aquatic and marine life with fantastic jazz music playing on the speaker system. I saw other stoned people at Jazz Monday last week, no doubt taking a cue out of our own playbook. It’s difficult to get bored in a town love Toronto, particularly if you have cannabis on hand to make things even more interesting.

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