This is one way to consume cannabis

While there are all sorts of cannabis consumption methods available, I prefer the old-school smoking of flower.

I can appreciate the convenience of vapes, the discretion of tinctures and the fun of edibles, but I don’t think they compare to lighting up good quality bud.

I like the process of rolling the joint, the smell of burning weed and the bite of inhaling the smoke. I’ve checked out the various dispensaries in my hometown of Portland and found the best brands and strains of weed available. I am quite particular about the quality of the marijuana flower that I purchase. I look for complex and bright colors, make sure to sniff test for pungent terpenes and check that there are no stems or seeds. One of the most important aspects is an abundance of trichomes coating the surface of the bud. The trichomes contain cannabinoids responsible for potency and the terpenes that give each strain its distinctive odor and taste. When there is a plentiful supply of crystal-like trichomes, I can be sure the weed has been properly cultivated, harvested and cured. It sometimes requires a magnifying glass to see the trichomes. I typically use my smartphone to snap a quick pick of the buds. I then zoom in to verify the characteristics. The trichomes should be white and look like small mushrooms. If they are scarce or too tiny, the bud may have been prematurely harvested or machine trimmed. It won’t be as potent or beneficial. It’s especially important to recognize the difference between trichomes and mold. The trichomes are shiny, sparkly and crystal-like while mold tends to be more gray and fuzzy.

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