This was a very busy time for us

June is a single of the busiest months for most dealers in San Francisco, because it is pride month, then during pride month, San Francisco has millions of visitors; People fill the streets and there are parties everywhere.

  • It’s a lot of fun, but the traffic and the visitors can be a lot of hassle.

The worst traffic in the world kept our sales at a minimum this weekend when I was hoping to make a killing. There was a parade downtown and I was tied up to work at the San Francisco marijuana dispensary on Sunday, Tuesday, and Monday. I had our e-bike charge up and ready to go. I was going to use our e-bike whenever the delivery was closeby. I planned to use our vehicle when I had deliveries that were a good distance from the San Francisco marijuana dispensary location. Most of our deliveries occur in the day and I always use our car. The traffic was crazy last weekend and I didn’t end up making as multiple deliveries as I wanted. I was hoping to make about $500, which is a satisfactory goal when I am tied up to work Sunday, Tuesday, and Monday. Instead, I only made around $300. I can make that amount of money on any 3 afternoons of the week. It was a big blow to our ego and actually humbling to be so incredibly wrong about the weekend tips. I had to cancel a couple of plans I made for the next week. I didn’t have nearly as much money as I thought I would when I was done making marijuana deliveries at the end of the weekend.


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