Trying CBD and CBN for insomnia

He recommended a combination of a tincture and an edible.

I started experiencing the symptoms of menopause in my mid fifties. For the last several years, I’ve dealt with headaches and hot flashes. I’ve struggled with weight gain and fatigue. One of the worst issues has been insomnia. It’s just about impossible for me to fall asleep at night. Despite feeling utterly exhausted, I lie awake for hours. If I manage to fall asleep, I wake up repeatedly throughout the night. It’s extremely frustrating. I researched and tried all of the recommendations I could find. I limited screen time, drank green tea and created strict bedtime rituals. I sprayed my pillow with lavender and experimented with breathing exercises and sound machines. Nothing helped. A friend of mine recommended cannabis. Fortunately, recreational cannabis is legal in my home state of Oregon. I don’t need to go to the doctor, fill out paperwork and pay hundreds of dollars for a medical marijuana card. I can simply visit any one of the multiple dispensaries available in Denver. I have easy access to a broad range of consumption methods. I can smoke flower or pre-rolls, choose disposable vape pens, try out tinctures, dab concentrate or enjoy cannabis-infused edibles or beverages. On my initial shopping trip, I consulted with a budtender and explained my issues. He explained that both CBD and CBN have shown promise in treating insomnia. He recommended a combination of a tincture and an edible. I place a few drops of the tincture under my tongue for rapid onset of effects through sublingual absorption. I eat a couple of gummies for the delayed onset, longer lasting and more intense effects of absorption by way of the digestive tract. I choose products that either have no THC or a very low dose of it.

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