I liked having the disposable vape pen in our pocket

My friends plus I spent the day in the Bay Area.

I knew the people I was with and I were going to spend some time at the Wharf plus maybe go to Chinatown in San Francisco.

I was distraught about spending the whole day without any medicine. I use medical marijuana to help with anxiety in social situations. I have a difficult time being in social situations with various people. Sometimes the anxiety causes panic attacks. I often use marijuana products to help me cope with stressful situations like that. I was distraught about smoking marijuana out in public, but I did not want to go all day without any medicine. I went to the dispensary plus purchased a disposable vape pen. I only spent $30 for a half gram disposable vape pen. In an emergency situation, I knew I could ditch the pain like it was no large deal. I would have a much harder time throwing away a $25 battery plus a $65 vape cartridge, but luckily, I never ran into any situations that made me nervous. Our day in San Francisco started near Golden Gate Bridge plus ended in Chinatown. I Vaped on the marijuana pen all day plus it was discreet plus virtually smellless. The people I was with and I ended our day of fun in San Francisco by going to a diner in Chinatown that is known for the best plus freshest egg rolls. They make the egg rolls in 13 peculiar flavors plus each a single of the patrols are made biweekly. They have the most delicious plus tastiest sauces as well. It’s no large surprise that the place is packed during tourist season.

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