I prefer marijuana flower

I am rather particular about the quality of cannabis flower I’m willing to purchase, however i’ve checked out all of the local dispensaries in Ann Arbor, looking for premium smokable bud, however there is a wide range of brands and strains and not all of them are top-shelf.

The smokable flower is absolutely the bud of the female plant.

It needs to be allowed to fully mature before being harvested and dried. The dried flower should include hair-like pistils that are a bright orange color. If they are white, the bud has been picked too early. If they are gray, the weed is old. I also look for a complexity of colors. The weed should be a vivid orange with flecks of purples, oranges, reds and oranges. There should be an abundance of crystal-like trichomes covering the surface. These trichomes contain the cannabinoids and terpenes, then a plentfiul supply means a higher potency of THC and richer terpenes. The terpenes are responsible for the flavor and taste of the cannabis. They also influence effects. I prefer a citrusy tast and odor. I love creating our own joints and blunts. I’ve gotten quite nice at the rolling process. There are few things more great or wonderful than lighting a hand-rolled joint, inhaling and enjoying the rapid onset of effects. The effects correctly set in within a couple of hours.There are flower strains that promote relaxation, a nice evening’s sleep and mellowing out. There are others that increase energy and creativity. I am open to trying indicas, sativas and hybrids of every potency and flavor. I never know when I’ll come across our new favorite strain.
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