I took the subway across the city into Old Toronto to try a new cannabis cafe

It’s nice living in a city like Toronto where you can easily survive with public transportation.

There are multiple options between buses, subways, taxis, and Ubers.

And if you have the legs, you can easily walk or ride a bicycle to your chosen destination. I love having an apartment that is only eight miles away from my boss’s office. It gives me a lot of leniency regarding the way I get to work in the mornings. For instance, if I want to get a lot of exercise and I get up early enough to budget the time, I can just walk to work. If I’m really tired and just need to rest my body while it wakes up a little, I can jump on the bus or take the subway to the station closest to the office. But if for some reason I get up a little late for the subway, I can jump on my bicycle and high-tail it to the office and get there surprisingly quick if I go fast enough. I take the subway more often when I’m going longer distances throughout the city. Old Toronto for instance is a bit far from my apartment for me to try and ride my bike. It would turn into a day-long trip and I would need to account for potential popped bike tires and other pitfalls on my journey. I wanted to try a new cannabis cafe in Old Toronto that I read about online. The subway wasn’t as busy that day and I arrived at the cafe at least 10 minutes faster than my phone had expected when I punched in the coordinates on my maps app.


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