My wonderful brick condo on O’Connor Dr is near the Don River

I used to live near the Grand River in Lansing, MI.

  • My parents decided to settle in MI because my mother’s family is American and all live in OH.

MI was a compromise with my father because he was originally from Mississauga, Ontario. I decided to leave MI for Toronto in university so I could attend the University of Toronto. I was immediately taken back by the outdoor nature throughout the whole city. If you want to go for a walk in a park to clear your head, they’re located all throughout the entire city. I had a neighbor who got off the airport at Toronto Pearson for a company conference and he only went as far as a few blocks into MIssissauga before leaving the next day. He told me that he wasn’t impressed by “Toronto,” however the person hadn’t absolutely been if you want to get technical about it. Nowadays I assume so lucky to live in a brick condo on O’Connor Dr near the Don River in East York. Ever since my first trips to Toronto years ago, I have wanted a brick house. And being close to the Don River is a treat because I have the best sites to go for walks whenever I need to clear my head. I care about using cannabis vape pens because they’re discreet in public and simple to hide when you’re out walking in a neighborhood park. I am so close to the Coxwell Ravine Park that I could throw a rock from my backyard and it would land somewhere in the park itself.


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