The cannabis taxes are much higher in West Hollywood compared to Tarzana

I knew that taxes would be high in California, but I didn’t really know how to comprehend that until I got here.

Lucky for me, I grew up in a state that had relatively low tax rates compared to places out west. However, I also remember being in an old coal town with a crumbling infrastructure. Our schools desperately needed new desks, text books, and basic amenities. So if you want to live in some unrealistic utopia where you have the lowest tax rates, get ready to be frustrated with the basic services you’re accustomed to in places with a reasonable number of taxes. That’s what I tell people when they complain and insist they want to live in a tax-free haven, but they don’t understand the repercussions. The same goes for the cannabis taxes, which not only vary from state to state but also within different municipalities within the same state. I live in Tarzana on the opposite side of the Hollywood Hills from West Hollywood. The taxes at cannabis stores in Tarzana are a lot lower than the cannabis taxes in West Hollywood and other parts of Los Angeles. I’ll try my best to shop for weed while I’m near my home in Tarzana if I’m not purchasing cannabis in places like Encino or San Bernardino. The recreational marijuana taxes aren’t too high in the San Fernando Valley in general compared to West Hollywood. I understand that these taxes are collected for things like funding and social welfare programs. Without these taxes, our state would cease to function to the degree like it does right now.
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