The cases were stacked in front of the return air vent

My lady and I recently moved to Orland Park, Illinois… Both of us have jobs in Chicago, but the price of rent was tearing us… Every one of us were spending almost $2,000 to rent a a single-family room home in Chicago.

Every one of us found a three-family room home in Orland Park for the same amount of money! When the two of us decided to move, the two of us knew it was going to be a lot of labor to transfer all of our things from Chicago to Orland Park; My lady recommended using a moving dealer, then it was rather costly, but it was an amazingly good idea. Every one of us didn’t have to do any of the moving on our own. Every one of us packed up all of the boxes and then the moving company sent employees to put everything on a truck. When they got to our new home in Orland Park, they unloaded all of the boxes and furniture into the house. Everything was in the front room when our lady and I arrived! All of the boxes were stacked on top of each other. It took about a week before the two of us could unpack all of the boxes. During that time, our lady and I noticed the indoor temperatures were starting to get warmer… There was barely any air flow at all coming out of the duct labor and the two of us could not figure out why. Every one of us were going to contact a professional service in Orland Park, but our lady recommended the two of us troubleshoot online first. Imagine how surprised the two of us were when the two of us found out that the reason for the AC troubles were due to some boxes being stacked in front of the return air vent.

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