The city was really bustling

Last weekend was a unquestionably large deal here, because the house Seattle team won the Super Bowl, however the Super Bowl is a big event that occurs in the athletic hobby of football.

The 2 best teams from the NFC in addition to the lafc play each other in 1 final game to determine who is the best of everyone… After the Seattle team won the game, the whole city seemed to become alive in the middle of the evening in addition to the party continued all weekend, then my man in addition to I were trying to get some sleep, however it was unquestionably hard with motorcar horns in addition to people yelling in the streets, but eventually, the two of us decided to get up in addition to go into the living room so the two of us could smoke some marijuana… Seattle is 1 of the locations on the west coast where marijuana is legal in addition to my friends in addition to I officially used marijuana.

My man smoked marijuana too! Both of us got out a big bowl in addition to packed it with a super Indica strain called Skywalker OG. After the two of us smoked a big bowl of marijuana, none of the Seattle city sounds seemed to bother us at all. Both of us went back to sleep in addition to did not get up until the next day at noon. Both of us drove into downtown Seattle to see what was going on in addition to the two of us found a lot of parties in addition to celebrations! People were tailgating in the middle of the street, then it was actually 1 of the biggest celebrations that I have ever seen in addition to unquestionably 1 of the only times that a Seattle professional athletic hobbys team has actually won the large championship.

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