The dealer told me about the pot shop

I was sitting at the poker table on Tuesday and things were going pretty slow.

There were only a couple of people sitting there and no one was playing very aggressively.

I decided to step outside on the patio for a few minutes. The Denver poker club allows smoking outside. They don’t allow marijuana, but you can get away with it if you use a vape pen. I was using a marijuana vape pen at the Denver Club. When I came back to the table, I still smelled like marijuana and the dealer noticed. She immediately told me about a marijuana dispensary in Denver with great deals every day of the week. When the dealer mentioned a pot shop, I was not familiar with the place. I found out that it wasn’t actually located in Denver. It was located in Boulder, but the dealer told me that the place was worth the drive. They absolutely had the best prices on cannabis concentrates and vape pen accessories. I could not pass down the opportunity to check out the place. After getting the recommendation from someone else, it seemed clear that I should at least give the place a try. I looked up the small pot shop online, but there really wasn’t any information other than the address. When I arrived, the guy at the door asked me for the name of the person that recommended the place. I couldn’t remember the dealer’s name, but when I mentioned the Poker Club, he let me right into the door.


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