The resident put towels around the AC

Last week, a customer in Tampa called me with a problem.

I have a company that handles heating and AC related issues.

We can install and troubleshoot system issues. We regularly have calls from residential customers, but we have recently started a commercial service division as well. So far it’s been slow, but we are building one week at a time. I responded to a request for help with an AC machine. The call came to the business about 10 minutes before normal shop hours are over. I took the call from the customer, and she seemed very happy that we were going to help her despite the late time in the evening. I told the customer that we offered after our services as well, but she did not want to pay any extra fees for the AC repair. I had already sent my last employee home, so I responded to the Tampa call myself. The Tampa area customer told me that the AC was only blowing warm air. There are only a few reasons why an air conditioner would blow warm air. It’s definitely good news if there is some air blowing, because that means there is no problem with the fan or the motor. These issues can be very expensive to fix and sometimes it is cheaper just to replace the entire system. This particular customer did something that I have never seen before. The customer packed the AC unit with towels. There were towels all through the area where the machine was capped. The customer told me that she thought it would provide more insulation for the system, but all it really did was block the air flow and keep the machine from working properly.

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