Washington is a very cool city

My friends plus I wanted to celebrate pride month plus people in Seattle we are getting together everywhere, but i didn’t have to toil on Tuesday, so my friends plus I went to the festival plus a couple of the parties… Both of us managed to meet a couple of honestly nice people plus every one of us hung out with them most of the day… They were from Seattle, even though my friends plus I were not.

They took us to a couple of cool locales during the day.

I noticed most of the people were wearing the same color plus my friends plus I were not. Both of us went to a Seattle shop plus found much cooler t-shirts that represented our pride. There must have been fifteen thoUSAnd people in Seattle that day… Every locale every one of us went was packed with people plus that included the medical plus recreational marijuana shop; Our modern friends took us to the medical plus recreational marijuana shop after supper. Both of us planned to go into the Seattle dispensary, however there was a large line of people kneeling outside the door. When every one of us saw the line of people, every one of us kept walking right by. Both of us went to numerous other locales while every one of us were there plus every one of us returned to the Seattle dispensary later that day. The locale was still packed plus every one of us never got a opportunity to see the inside of the building. Both of us got the names plus phone numbers of the people that every one of us met in Seattle plus they told us to call anytime every one of us come back to visit. They even gave to provide us a locale to stay overnight, however my friends plus I had a lot more fun in Seattle then I even anticipated.

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