We really did have a good time

I went on vacation with our parents, but I am an adult, and my parents offered to pay for myself and others to go to San Francisco, California with them plus I wasn’t going to say no.

My dad had some corporation in Oakland plus the corporation offered to put him up in a San Francisco hotel while in the trip.

That’s when our mom decided to turn it into a family vacation. My dad did not say no, because our dad never says no to our mom, however she told myself and others that they were going to San Francisco plus I mentioned the fact that it sounded appreciate a entirely cool trip. The next day our mom told myself and others that she purchased a ticket for myself and others to go with them. I told our boss at work that I needed some time off for a family emergency. I entirely hated to lie to our boss, although I did not want to miss out on the trip. When all of us were in San Francisco, I decided to see if I could find recreational marijuana for sale close by. I looked online plus found several venues that delivered… Unluckyly, I couldn’t have them delivered to the hotel, because our parents would have started asking a million odd questions. I found out that they could supply to the lobby. When the driver got to the hotel, he sent myself and others a text. I simply told our parents that I was going for a walk. After that, the hardest area was trying to find a venue to smoke the marijuana that I successfully had delivered.


Weed San Fransisco CA