Did you see that guy on the corner?

When you think of Las Vegas, NV, most people think about casinos. All the advertisements stuck about the nightlife, the gambling, and the shows they put on in Las Vegas, NV. When I think of Las Vegas, I think about people. I spent nearly a full week in Las Vegas when my son took me for my birthday. We had an amazing time, but of all the things I enjoyed, it was watching the people. Our hotel was less than a block away from one of many marijuana dispensaries. My grandson had recently turned 21, and he wanted to go into a marijuana dispensary. We parked outside, and he went in. My son, his wife, and I watched as the people started coming out. There was one older gentleman, who was standing outside naked, and dancing. Since he disrobed after coming out of the marijuana dispensary, we assumed he had to be high. He came over and started dancing right next to the car, where I could see him in all his naked glory. I smiled and turned my head, hoping that Kyle, my grandson, would soon come out of the marijuana dispensary. Just as the old guy started throwing kisses at me and licking the window, Kyle came out of the marijuana dispensary. My son noticed how the man was behaving, and no sooner was Kyle in the car than we were heading out of the parking lot toward the hotel. That was one experience I never want to laugh through again. Every time any of us thought about the situation, we burst out laughing.

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