High velocity system for historical home in Cocoa, FL

It takes up no space in the house, doesn’t detract from the decor and installed easily

A couple of years ago, my husband and I purchased a home in the historical district of Cocoa, Florida. The house was constructed sometime in the mid to late 1800’s and features gorgeous hardwood moldings, doors and floors. We just love the high ceilings, big windows, intrictuate banister on the stairway and broad front porch. Unfortunately, the house was not outfitted with any type of centralized cooling system. The former owners had gotten by with a collection of window air conditioners that significantly distracted from aesthetics. I was not happy with the look of those cooling units sticking out of the windows. I didn’t like sacrificing the view. Plus, the portable air conditioners struggled to keep up with demand. At the peak of summer in Cocoa, just about every room felt overheated and sticky. We needed to find a comfort solution that didn’t require tearing down the original walls and ceilings. While researching ductless splits systems, I came across something called high velocity air conditioning. This type of cooling system utilizes mini ducts that are only two-inches in diameter. The ducts are flexible, allowing them to be snaked through existing walls and around studs, pipes and electrical boxes without causing damage. The high-velocity system pumps cooled air into the rooms at a very high rate of speed to quickly lower the temperature. The smaller ducts and shorter running times make the system quite energy efficient. The actual cooling equipment is compact enough to install into a closet. It takes up no space in the house, doesn’t detract from the decor and installed easily. We are totally happy with the results.

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