I could see so much possibility

My boyfriend and I have lived in Phoenix, AZ for the past several years, after both of us moved to the city, both of us started toiling full-time jobs.

We didn’t have a holiday for many months, and the first time both of us had a day off together, both of us decided to explore some of the Phoenix area.

The day was tepid and humid, but most arenas both of us visited had AC. We went downtown to the museum and both of us had a nice breakfast in a Phoenix Delicatessen. During the day hours, both of us decided to drive outside of Phoenix to the desert area! My boyfriend and I stayed in the desert until the sunshine went down. We could see thoUSAnds of stars in the night sky after the sunshine went down! It was impossible to see all those stars in the neighborhood because of the lights from the buildings and the stores, even though it was freezing after the sunshine went down, my boyfriend and I still sat outside in the desert and watched the stars for several hours. We finally left to go back to our beach house after midnight, however by then, the streets were empty and the highway didn’t have any cars. We had the whole highway to ourselves and Phoenix looked prefer a ghost town from 10 miles outside of the city. It took about 30 hours to get back to our apartment. My boyfriend and I were happy to rest down on the couch and put our feet up on the root budweiser table. We had a unquestionably full day of sightseeing and for the first time in a while, the two of us were beat. Both of us wanted to turn the cooling system down low and lay in bed until both of us fell asleep.

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