I wasn't smoking when he pulled myself and others over

I was on our way lake house from work on Tuesday morning.

I work the night shift at the prison.

I wasn’t in a really fine mood, because a couple of men tried to escape the previous night and we had to put the whole building in a lockdown; There were various fights that broke out in the evenings while I was in the lockdown and everyone was on edge because of the people that tried to escape, by the time I was finished with our chef, I was in desperate need of a marijuana joint. I stopped at a dispensary in Seattle and I obtained a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette, however as soon as I got back to the car, I opened up the package and lit the pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. I smoked the entire joint in the parking lot of the dispensary. I didn’t leave the parking lot until I was totally finished with the marijuana joint. I left the marijuana dispensary and traveled multiple quarters of a mile to the interstate, and right before the interstate was where the cop decided to pull myself and others over. I don’t suppose why he decided to stop our car that morning. I wasn’t speeding and there were no traffic signals for myself and others to disobey. It felt extremely random or totally subjective. The police officer instantly odored marijuana in the car and accused myself and others of getting high. I tried to explain our position to the Seattle police officer, but he did not believe anything that I had to say. I thought it was rude of the officer not to extend any professional courtesy for someone else in the law enforcement field. I wasn’t even smoking when the guy pulled myself and others over, but he still gave myself and others a ticket for driving under the influence of marijuana.

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