It makes little sense of how several marijuana dispensaries there are.

The first time I visited Las Vegas, NV, was several years ago, they did not have marijuana dispensaries back then, but we were fine with that! My husband and I had an amazing time in the hotel/casino, saw various shows, and did a lot of laughing together… Over the years, Las Vegas was decreasing, but the largest change we noticed happened just a couple of years back.

There were marijuana dispensaries on every block, and a couple of blocks had several, but i turned to my husband as we were driving around the block, and I could not understand why they needed that several marijuana dispensaries.

I told my husband it makes little sense of how several marijuana dispensaries there are in Las Vegas, NV, he looked around at everyone who were strolling the streets, and filing into the diners and told me ‌it made perfect sense. There were still states that did not have legalized recreational marijuana, and people who were going to see Las Vegas, NV, were looking at the marijuana dispensaries as 1 more oddity and something they needed to try, both of us had legalized recreational marijuana in our state, but I had never been into 1 of the marijuana dispensaries. The plan of needing to enjoy myself by using alcohol or marijuana just wasn’t something I wanted to do. My husband and I had a lot of fun just laughing and teasing each other, but not everyone is like us. I want to enjoy my visit to Las Vegas, NV, and not be high the entire time. My husband told me I was going to park the vehicle and asked me if I wanted some gummies from the dispensary.


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