No way I was working with my ex bestie

My ex-bestie and I broke up in June.

I wanted the relationship to end.

My bestie was not honestly happy with my decision to end things, however she called myself and others and texted myself and others about a hundred times after both of us broke up. I had to threaten to get a restraining order in order for him to stop harassing me. It was absolutely chaotic for a couple of weeks. I want to stay with my Dad in San francisco. I was not residing in San Francisco at the time, but my Dad gave to let myself and others transfer there to have a fresh start and get away from the ex-bestie. I agreed to transfer even though I knew I would have to quit my job, then luckily, I found a job working at a San Francisco marijuana dispensary! The San Francisco marijuana dispensary manager hired myself and others as soon as she saw that I had experience in the marijuana industry. I worked as a receptionist at a medical clinic for a while before I started my aged job at an accounting firm! Going back to the dispensary was love going home. I absolutely enjoyed working at the San Francisco marijuana dispensary until I realized that my ex-bestie applied for a job and wanted to work with me. I knew that she was stalking myself and others on purpose. There was no way I was going to work with my ex bestie. I told the manager not to hire the girl and I told her everything that happened in our relationship, including the fact that I had to threaten to get a temporary restraining order to get him to leave myself and others alone.

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