The Grand Rapids area is full of breweries to visit after hitting a cannabis store

The breweries were one of the many reasons I chose to live in Grand Rapids when I moved back to Michigan four years ago.

I lived in Denver previously which has the second most amount of breweries for any city in the country.

I’m a huge cannabis smoker, but I’m also a craft beer connoisseur. That was something that made it hard for me to consider ever leaving Denver in the first place. I loved hiking in the Rocky Mountains and I had friends in the hash industry within the greater Colorado recreational cannabis industry. It was going to take a lot to get me to move, but eventually my employer said I had a month to choose between their offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan or Chicago, Illinois. Because of the craft beer breweries in Grand Rapids, I eventually chose it as my new residence. After being in the city for six years straight, I decided to move into Lowell which is a relatively small city of under 4,000 residents. It’s right at the spot where the Flat River meets the Grand River, making it downstream from Grand Rapids by a few miles. While Grand Rapids is full of breweries and cannabis dispensaries, Lowell at least has a good number of the latter. There are nearly 10 dispensaries in this small city already, but who knows how many will survive as they compete with one another over the existing cannabis users in the area. Some of us really enjoy living in Kent County and having Lake Michigan a short drive away on a summer afternoon when we want to hit the beach.

Cannabis Dispensary Lowell Michigan