The shirts don't fit me properly

My dad wanted me to start working in the office at the Orland Park HVAC Service Company.

My dad said he was not going to give me an allowance anymore if I did not help out around the store.

I didn’t want to spend my afternoons helping out in the shop, but my dad really didn’t leave me any choice. I was scheduled to start working on Tuesday afternoon when school was finished. On Monday, my dad came home from work with a handful of shirts for me to wear when I went to the Orland Park HVAC service company. I begged my mom not to make me wear the shirts, but she said it was part of the deal. I didn’t want anyone to see me wearing those ugly brown shirts. I told my dad that I was a size medium shirt and he still bought me a large one. The brown shirt with the name of the HVAC service company looks horrible and the fabric is itchy on my skin. I only wear the Orland Park service Company shirt when my dad is in the store. The rest of the time I wear a t-shirt. As soon as my dad comes to the office, I throw on the ugly brown shirt. So far it has worked out very well. I don’t think that my dad or my mom know that I’m not actually complying with the rules. Unless someone rats me out, I won’t have to ever worry about wearing that terrible shirt in front of another person.


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