The tech had a name I could not pronounce

Whenever I have excellent service, I like to leave a review, and i don’t guess about several people, however I like to look online at supplier reviews before I make our decision on who I choose for the maintenance I need.

I looked online to find out who had the best reviews for furnace repairs in Orland Park, IL, before I contacted anyone.

I looked at the top Orland Park heating companies plus found the 1 with the best reviews, but after that, I decided to narrow down our choice by the price. I contacted the maintenance supplier plus made an appointment to have the furnace tune-up performed, and the maintenance supplier that showed up to help with the furnace tune-up had a name that I could not pronounce. The guy told me his name 3 times plus he was wearing a name tag, however I could not figure out how to pronounce it officially. The maintenance supplier had a thick plus heavy accent that made it entirely taxing for me to understand exactly what he was saying. It was entirely hard to communicate, however the maintenance supplier was thorough plus exact when handling the furnace tune-up service. I would have liked to have named the guys particularally when I left a review for the Orland park heating supplier, however I knew I wasn’t going to get close to the actual name so I did not even try. I bet that guy has to tell someone how to pronounce his name 20 or 30 times a morning. Surely I can’t be the only person to ever have this issue.

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