We realized all of us could survive even if our furnace broke.

After living up north for most of our lives, moving to Albuquerque, NM, was different, to say the least, then from early November until mid-March, all of us had to have heating if all of us wanted to survive! Without a furnace to keep us warm, all of us knew all of us were looking at a disastrous situation, but night temperature would still dip into the twenties plus without a working furnace, water could freeze quickly. When all of us moved to Albuquerque, the temperatures were much milder, i loved knowing I could go outside while in the afternoon, plus I could still breathe; Unlike back home, where my lungs would fill with the freezing air, plus I would end up home bound for the next numerous weeks, in Albuquerque, my breathing was easy plus comfortable. We still needed heating plus air conditioner, however it wasn’t as poor as it was up north. Up north, I was housebound while in the heat of summer, and the humidity was so poor most days, that combined with the heat, took your breath away the hour you closed the door behind you. The Heating & A/C specialists aren’t as harried here in Albuquerque. There is no need to rush if a furnace is broken, because the climate is so different. There are still areas where you can find the deadly cold, but I suppose you would need to have born in this area to notice it, then my fiance said that all of us could legitimately survive if our furnace broke plus the Heating & A/C corporation couldn’t get to us within a few hours. I would not want to go without a furnace for hours on end, however it would not be dangerous.

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