We took a moonlit stroll to smoke a joint

My wife and I rarely have a chance to get out of the house for more than a few hours at a time. It’s really something very special when we have a chance to go away for a couple of days. My Mom and Dad recently offered to watch the kids so we could take a few days away from the house to relax. Work has been very stressful and we really haven’t had a lot of time together. My mom and dad picked up the kids on Friday after school was over and my wife and I headed out of town to go to San Francisco for the weekend. I rented a really nice hotel room by the Museum of natural history. The San Francisco museum is one of my wife’s favorite places in the whole city. I knew she would be really excited about the location. My wife and I had a small amount of recreational marijuana with us when we went to the hotel. I accidentally knocked over a cup of water and it drenched all of them marijuana. We were trying not to spend money on marijuana from a dispensary in San Francisco, but we had to get weed from somewhere after the accident. We were a few blocks away from a marijuana dispensary. It was such a nice night that we decided to walk. After we bought the marijuana supplies, we took a moonlit stroll to smoke a joint. All of the street lights were on, and both of us felt absolutely safe walking in the city after dark.


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