I appreciate Glenview plus the traffic is not as bad as Chicago

I never thought my husband would want to leave downtown Chicago… I was surprised when he started looking at houses in Glenview, Illinois.

I started looking for real estate myself plus I found a really nice 4 bedroom ranch right in the middle of downtown Glenview. I took my husband to see the property a couple of weeks later when we had the whole afternoon off, however we went to see a property that he liked as well. We ended up making an offer on the loft that my husband liked. It was much nicer than the a single that I picked out plus it was $50,000 cheaper. We moved to Glenview 3 weeks later after the sale on the loft was closed. I truly appreciate living in Glenview plus the traffic is not nearly as bad as it was in Chicago. I have a 2 car garage on the property, but my husband plus I don’t park our cars there. We use that spot for a nice fitness center for the 2 of us, however the fitness center has all of the equipment necessary to toil out plus keep our body in shape plus we also had a ductless A/C component installed from a Glenview HVAC repair provider. The ductless A/C component provides plenty of cool air during the mornings when the humidity plus the heat are almost unbearable. I could spend all afternoon working out in the garage plus the air un-even temperatures are always chilly plus chilly just the way we prefer it. My husband plus I are really gleeful here in the modern locale.

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