I didn't believe marijuana could affect brain development.

Right after they announced that marijuana legalization was passed in Chicago, IL, plus across the state, both of us began seeing those aged advertisements about this is your brain on drugs, then one of our favorite advertisements announced that you needed to protect your brain.

I knew it wasn’t safe for younger people to use marijuana unless it was medical marijuana plus then it had to be closely monitored.

I wonder if I was the only 1 who understood this, or if the government thought the citizens of IL were ignorant; The Protect Your Brain advertisement went into detail about what marijuana does to the undeveloped brain. It talked about how the brain continues to develop until the age of twenty-5… Studies showed that cannabis use in young people can impair brain development. The ad tied up that cannabis use by young people, more noteably heavy cannabis use can impair short term memory, studying ability plus intelligence. The last statement in the advertisement was that the purchase plus use of cannabis by anyone under the age of twenty-one, is illegal, what happened to the brain continues to develop until the age of 25. If the Chicago, IL government knew these facts, why didn’t they make purchasing plus use of marijuana under the age of 25 illegal? I think the legalization of marijuana, especially medical marijuana is a great thing, however I wonder about the lawmakers; Did they read all the information about its safety before setting the law about age? If they had, legal marijuana in IL could have been peculiar than they are now. I’m sure they would have heard a lot of miserable people yelling about using alcohol at 21 however not marijuana, however they don’t know all the facts.

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