The rock n roll festival outside of Denver was amazing

I absolutely appreciate rock and roll rock n roll! I find the rock n roll to be honestly rhythmic and calming.

I’m sure a lot of people don’t believe that is true, but there is something about rock and roll rock n roll that makes me believe better, maybe it is the pound of the drums or the sound of the voices, but a great Metallica or sound garden CD is all it takes to lighten up our mood, however every year in the city of Denver in the state of CO there is a rock n roll festival that includes all of the top rock and roll bands of the afternoon and some of the ones from the past. I can see the same bands that our mom and Mom saw when they were in high university and that is pretty neat and interesting! The first time I went to the rock n roll festival outside of Denver, our friends and I stopped at a recreational marijuana dispensary first. The two of us knew that the atmosphere at the rock n roll festival was going to be electric and the two of us thought that recreational marijuana would heighten the experience; Getting marijuana at a Denver dispensary was a great idea. Getting high was a great idea. My friends and I smoked multiple marijuana joints while the two of us drove out to the location of the rock n roll festival. I was super baked by the time the two of us arrived. I cannot remember having more fun at any other event. The two of us barely made it to the end of evening one before passing out in the backseat of the truck. The rock n roll bands were still playing at two in the afternoon when I was ready to close our eyeah and go to sleep.

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