The tour guide was super enthusiastic and really interesting

My wife and I went to California last year and we spent almost a week in San francisco.

We had a very enjoyable time visiting all of the different tourist attractions, historical landmarks, and natural scenes.

One of the best places we visited was the San Francisco bay. The Bay has a lot of unique ecosystems that makes it very interesting. One thing that I remember was learning about the more than 20,000 species of birds that live in the bay. My wife and I also had another interesting tour while we were in San francisco. We went on a tour of a cannabis dispensary and factory. The San Francisco cannabis tour was part of a special package that included a vineyard, cannabis factory, and microbrewery. Each one of the tours was uniquely individual, but the cannabis factory tour was probably the best. The San Francisco cannabis tour guide was very enthusiastic and super interesting. The guy really knew a lot of information about the history of cannabis in california. He had an answer for every single question that we asked throughout the 90-minute tour. At the end of each one of the tours, we were offered samples of the products. We came home with a lot of free stuff that we didn’t expect to have at the end of the day. Each one of us ended up with a six pack of beer. Both six packs were different microbrews. Both of us ended up with an eighth of marijuana from the San Francisco cannabis Factory and we received a bottle of wine from the vineyard.


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