There’s a new dispensary selling strong concentrates near Ypsilanti

I was born in St.

Joseph’s hospital which is on the east end of Ann Arbor near Ypsilanti.

Despite living for a number of years west of Ann Arbor in Chelsea, my parents frequently took my sister and I on shopping trips into both Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. For instance, there is the Fountain Square Shopping Center on Washtenaw Ave and we used to frequent it for years to go clothes shopping in the late summers before going back to school for another year. After my childhood, it was a number of years before I drove into Ypsilanti again. I lived in Jackson County in a number of different places near Grand River and Center Lake. I loved kayaking on Michigan’s Grand River, not only for its beauty but also the pride of it being the longest river in the entire state at 252 miles in length. I still kayak now that I’m living in Ann Arbor, but I typically go out to the Huron River or Barton Pond. Yesterday I was driving back from Detroit and decided to stop in Ypsilanti again for the first time in years. I heard on an internet forum that a new cannabis dispensary had opened near Eastern Michigan University and it was supposedly selling strong and potent cannabis concentrates. I’m a huge fan of hashish and hash rosin products, especially those made from the live, fresh-frozen cannabis flower products. I was extremely happy with the products I purchased from the dispensary in Ypsilanti. They had a clean taste and presented me with strong effects overall. All in all, I was happy with the new dispensary in Ypsilanti.

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