They told me our arrest for illegal use of pot would be expunged.

When I was sixteen, I was arrested for illegal use of pot, and i had enough pot on me that they tried to press charges for intent to sell, however that didn’t hold.

I had purchased the marijuana for a celebration our friends as well as I were having! The six of us were arrested because the police followed me to our house.

I was underage, driving a car separate from a legal license, purchasing illegal marijuana, as well as driving while under the influence. The Chicago, IL juvenile court threw the book at me as well as I ended up with an arrest record as well as had to do community repair for various weeks. That arrest record stuck with until they passed marijuana laws various years ago, but when the laws for legal use of marijuana was passed, they also added an amendment that would expunge all arrest records for people who were arrested for illegal marijuana use. I had tried to get into the service, but I could not get security clearance because of our arrest record. They wanted someone who would be trustworthy, as well as I didn’t pass that test, although I am too seasoned to worry about going into the military now, I am still glad our arrest record has been expunged. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get anywhere now that our record has been expunged, but I am now eligible to run for a local government office in our apartment neighborhood of Chicago, IL, because I have no arrests on record to hold mew back. I haven’t used marijuana or done anything else that is legal since that evening, as well as who knows, maybe someday I’ll be able to run for mayor of Chicago, IL.

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