A delivery driver tip

The last delivery of the night was called into the marijuana dispensary around 11 pm; Every one of us usually don’t take orders past 10:45, however the senior citizen plus disabled vet got under our employer’s skin plus managed to find her soft spot! I was the person assigned to the delivery, and the order was significant in size.

The customer max out both her concentrate plus her allotted flour for the day.

She bought a half ounce of chemdawg top shelf flower plus a half ounce of Platinum Jack top-shelf flower. The chemdawg strain is an Indica leaning hybrid plus the Platinum Jack is a really nice sativa strain. The person also bought an assortment of cannabis concentrates. I left the San Francisco dispensary around 11:20 plus I set up the address in our GPS. It took about 15 minutes to drive to the address. Traffic wasn’t easily bad due to the easily late time in the evening. I arrived at the address, however all of the lights were off. I called the iPhone number plus the lady gave me a hard time for calling her apartment so late. I wanted to confirm the address before I knocked on anyone’s door at almost midnight. The person on the iPhone hung up plus after that I saw the lights come on inside plus outside of the house. The lady came outside on the porch with a fistful of currency. She looked frustrated, although I couldn’t understand why she was the a single that called the San Francisco marijuana dispensary to locale the order this late at night. I managed to bring her all of the cannabis supplies that she wanted in 30 minutes. She’s still stiffed me on a tip. She gave me various bucks on a $200 order.



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