A great thermostat

I’m not apartment most of the morning, because I have to work, and during the summer time weeks, the kids are at apartment by themselves, however i have constantly been able to trust the kids, so I do not worry about letting them stay home.

I have never had a problem with the kids changing the thermostat to a colder or warmer temperature… After all, when they are at home, their comfort is important, my comfort is not as important when I am in the office.

I have our own thermostat to control the indoor un-even temperatures. I noticed the A/C unit was set on 70°, numerous days in a row when it was almost 100 outside. I told the kids that the A/C was going to freeze up if they made the temperature that low. I warned them of the consequences of changing the thermostat; Yesterday I gained a PC call from our son, but he said that the apartment was getting warmer & he wanted myself and others to contact the Orland Park a/c maintenance provider. I asked our child to look at the A/C unit, then she did not want to unlink the screws on the cover, even though I told her that I wasn’t going to contact an Orland Park a/c maintenance maintenance company if the plan was simply frozen up. My child tried to tell myself and others that there was no ice on the component until I asked her for a picture! Then she put the PC down & actually unlinkd the cover. There was ice on the evaporator coils just love I suspected. I told the kids that I was not going to call anyone to help because they caused the problem.
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