After the AC problems

I’m not beach house most of the afternoon, because I have to work, but during the summer time weeks, the youngsters are at beach house by themselves, however i have always been able to trust the youngsters, so I don’t worry about letting them stay home. I have never had a problem with the youngsters increasing the thermostat to a colder or warmer temperature; After all, when they are at home, their comfort is important! My comfort is not as important when I am in the office. I have my own thermostat to control the indoor hot plus cold temperatures. I noticed the AC component was set on 72°, multiple mornings in a row when it was almost 100 outside. I told the youngsters that the AC was going to freeze up if they made the temperature that low. I warned them of the consequences of increasing the thermostat, and yesterday I gained a cellphone call from my son, however she said that the house was getting warmer plus she wanted myself and others to contact the Orland Park air conditioning system service provider. I asked my kid to look at the AC unit, and she did not want to detach the screws on the cover, although I told her that I wasn’t going to contact an Orland Park air conditioning system service maintenance corporation if the system was simply frozen up. My kid tried to tell myself and others that there was no ice on the unit until I asked her for a picture! Then she put the cellphone down plus genuinely detachd the cover. There was ice on the evaporator coils just care about I suspected. I told the youngsters that I was not going to call anyone to help because they caused the problem.


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