Next to the pawn shop was a marijuana shop

When our spouse and I went to Las Vegas, the two of us particularly wanted to go to the pawn shop that is featured on TV, however we particularly watched 200 episodes of the TV show.

  • We wanted to see the actual place in Las Vegas where the show was filmed, however it turns out that it isn’treally as easy as you would know to go inside of the shop and sell something! There was a pretty long line of people and the owners of the store were only there on particular mornings.

You had to go through a list of people looking at your item if you wanted to meet with the guys, and my spouse and I were particularly disappointed by that. We were hoping to be able to go inside of the store and browse a little bit. It was more prefer an attraction that the two of us had to pay a fee in order to go; Across from the pawn shop was a Las Vegas marijuana dispensary. That sounded prefer something that could be interesting. There are no legal recreational marijuana dispensaries where the two of us are from. The Las Vegas dispensary sounded prefer a fun outing that was not going to cost us a fortune. My spouse and I walked across the street. We gave the security officer our identification cards and he took them inside of the building! He came back outside and told us that the two of us could enter the door. Inside of the Las Vegas marijuana dispensary, things were lit up prefer night time. There were lots of neon lights and tunes was playing in speakers above our heads. It seemed more prefer a nightclub than a pharmacy.

Medical Marijuana Store Las Vegas Nevada