Planning a trip to Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is easily a single of the nicest sites to live, however it is also a good locale for tourists, and the Winter months in Phoenix are absolutely mild, and it gets cold, however it doesn’t snow & hot & cold temperatures are respectfully hot during the day, and my spouse & I are planning a trip to Phoenix, Arizona next winter… We system to play golf at every a single of the courses in phoenix. There are several professional golf courses in Phoenix & many of them are created by some of the world’s best professionals. I have been talking about playing on those courses for a while. I had a corporation conference in Phoenix several years ago & my buddies & I played golf while all of us were there. It was an awesome experience & I wanted to go back & try it again with my spouse. Both of us like golfing as a activity. I often go to play golf on Sundays. I never get out there on Sundays, because I usually have to work on commercial Heating & A/C repairs, however as a commercial Heating & A/C service corporation, I have to be available on Sundays for a number of my clients. When I take time off next Winter to go to Phoenix, I am going to leave my child in charge, he has been working at the corporation for 5 years. He is my right hand person & I trust him to run the company after I retire. I assume that he is ready to take over. I am just not ready to supply up all of the power & decision making.
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