The two of us saw a play at the theater & it was truly chilly indoors

There are lots of fun activities & things I enjoy in Albuquerque, NM, but i have lived in Albuquerque my whole life.

I grew up on the south end of town, but my friends & I attended High School in Albuquerque & then I went to the state college, then after I graduated with a degree, I moved back to Albuquerque to settle down.

I bought a home about 5 Mi away from my mom & dad so the people I was with and I could remain close after I moved out of the house. I met a nice man about 5 years after college ended & the people I was with and I got married & started a family, then the two of us still live in Albuquerque, because it is a single of the nicest arenas in the whole country, and one of my number one things about Albuquerque is the culture. Many odd types of people are represented in the city. There are lots of odd diners & Cuisines and a number of activities that are only available in the city. I took the teenagers to the theater last Winter time so the people I was with and I could see a Christmas carol. It was playing at the community theater & I took the teenagers, but unluckyly, it was truly chilly outside & the theater felt just as chilly as the outdoor temperatures. I could not recognize any heat at all in the Albuquerque theater. At a single point while I was in the night I asked an usher if the temperatures could be adjusted. I could see other people in the Albuquerque theater shivering. Unluckyly for us, the usher informed myself and others that he had no control over the indoor temperatures.

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