At five, I have to stop what I am doing and take my heart meds

The doctor told me that I have to start slowing down, but I’m not ready to retire.

My wife thinks that it would be a good idea too.

I’m constantly driving all over Albuquerque to help customers with heating and AC repair and installation services. Since 1992, I have been serving the Albuquerque community with heating and AC repair and installation services. I do not have any children to leave my business in good hands. When I close down, I will probably sell to one of the other competitors. They will retain my client list and all of my contacts. Some of the customers will stay, but others will move on to other companies that can handle their heating and AC repair services. My wife wants us to leave Albuquerque and move further west. She wants to go somewhere that does not have as much heat during the summer months. I can’t blame her really, because the temperatures can be totally outrageous and hot. I would like to buy a boat and live somewhere close to the water. I haven’t been able to go fishing nearly as much as I would like and that is due to being in Albuquerque heating and AC repair and installation service specialist. I put 115% of myself into the business to make sure that it would work. I certainly don’t regret any of the choices that I have made, but those choices make it even more difficult for me to retire. I built a business here and I’m just not ready to give it up and leave.

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